Dorm Room Lighting

Every college student knows how hard it can be staying in a dorm room and sharing that small space with someone else. This gets even more stressful during exams where you need to study, but you can’t seem to concentrate because of a number of factors. One of this is because of the room’s lighting.

The amount of light in a space can help with productivity, and since dorms usually won’t let you alter your space drastically, you can still liven it up with a few lighting tips. 

Main Lighting needs to be Bright Enough The main lights in your doom room needs to be bright enough that you can comfortably read, work or study in the room without feeling any strain on your eyes. The down side is that some dorms forbid you to change the bulbs yourself and that the only ones that can actually change a light bulb is maintenance.

But if the main light fixture is too dim for you and you are allowed to change it, try LED light bulbs since they’re very bright and they’re a good choice for a work space. 

Task Lighting on your Table It’s very important that you have your own lamp because you don’t want to disturb your roommate when they’re sleeping by leaving the main lights on all night when you’re studying. Lamps are a big help since they can concentrate the light to a certain area, which you can use to your advantage especially when you’re working on a project or reading and the main lights are off. 

Tones Matter If you can, stick with cool toned bulbs for your lamps. These lamps give out a bluish light with has been liked to boosting productivity. You can switch the current bulb in your lamp with cool toned LED bulbs which can brighten up any study or work table.

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