Although most homeowners tend not to place as much emphasis on lighting compared to their furniture choices, and even their choices of paint colour, it should still be seen as your best friend when it comes to interior design. In fact, lighting is perhaps the most effective way to make your living spaces more comfortable and safer. Here are some tips on how to design your home’s lighting scheme, the DIY way. 

Use Several Lights at the Same Time If you have several lighting options you in a room, you can create multiple lighting effects. You can start with a combination of directional lamps, recessed lights, indirect lighting, diffusers and more. Each type of lighting solution creates a distinct effect that will enhance the room they’re used in a unique way. 

Use Ceilings, Walls, and Floors You’ll want to combine overhead lights in the ceiling or chandeliers and pendant lamps with wall lamps, accent spots and floor lamps to create a sense of dram and depth in a room. 

Set the Mood One of the best ways to set a relaxing atmosphere in your home with light is to use and combine direct lighting solutions like spotlights with ambient or indirect lighting. Direct lights are great at reducing glare, as they emit light towards a specific area of the room. On the other hand, ambient lights enhance the room’s atmosphere with a soft, pleasant glow. 

Get a Dimming Switcher If you want to use LED lights, dimmers are a great of maximizing their use. With a dimming switcher, you can control the brightness of your LED’s light output. This not only allows you to create unique effects, it also lets you control how much light is needed in a space, and therefore letting you control your utility bill more.

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