Lights and Lamps

One of the best activities to give to your kids are DIY or arts and crafts projects that they can proudly display and show off in their rooms. They enjoy getting into cutting and drawing on paper and fabric and making their own pieces of art. It gives them a feeling of accomplishment and it’s also a great way to enhance their motor skills and creativity. Below are a few ideas for DIY projects that you and your kids can do on lighting fixtures and lamps for their room.

It’s best to use LED light bulbs for this since these bulbs tend to stay cool and are made of plastic instead of glass so they’re safer to use in a child’s room. Memory Chandelier Remember those mobiles that they use to have as babies? Use this as an inspiration to make a kiddie chandelier. You can find a number of inexpensive ceiling light bases in hardware stores, or even at flea markets. Add little things like photos, toys, drawings, and any other items on the base and install a low lumens LED light on it. Your child will have a wonderful memory chandelier to look at, and they can even add more memorable items to it.

Personalised Lampshades There are a number of inexpensive, plain colored lampshades that you and your kids can jazz up. Let them draw on the lampshade and use fabric paint to make the design permanent. You can add gemstones, little toys, and other ornaments on them. Once the paint and glue dries, you can turn the lamp on and watch your kid’s artwork light up. Shadow Lamps There are tons of patterns and designs that you can find online to create a shadow lamp. You can use cardboard, cloth, and even acetate or those clear, plastic sheets and print out the design there. Cut out the designs to let the light shine out and create shadows. High lumens LEDs work best for these since they give off a brighter light, which results to a clear shadow.

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