Contrary to popular belief, chandeliers are not just for the rich. Well, yes, some of them can be expensive, particularly those with crystals, but did you know that you can actually make a chandelier of your own and include it into your overall interior design? Designing your own chandelier is a fun project, but bear in mind that will take time, patience, and imagination with the kind of materials to use. There are several items and materials you can use to build your chandelier, but the best items you can use are recyclable scraps and pieces. 

Use Bottles You can look for used wine bottles and even used mason jars and use them as part of your chandelier. Using a power saw, you can slice off the base of the bottles and run a wire and base for your light bulb through it. Just be sure to sand the cut portion carefully to avoid injuring yourself. To make this eco-friendly solution even greener, you can use LED light bulbs, which use very little power next to other light bulbs. 

Use Paper Paper is a very versatile material. You can paper mache your chandelier, or you can cut it up into circles in different sizes, forming them into a dropping chandelier. You can add a dash of flair by using different paper colors, or layering the paper with just 3 colors, creating a unique texture. With paper, you want to use low-heat light bulbs, like LEDs, otherwise you risk burning your paper chandelier down. 

Use Beads Beads are another cheap but interesting material to use for your chandelier. You can find a simple, plain base for your chandelier and use strands of beads to decorate it. The sky’s the limit with your design—use glass beads, plastic beads, beads in different colors, sizes, and more.

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