Dimmers and how they Work on Different Light Bulbs


Dimmers are probably one of the best investments you can make when it comes to your lights. If getting new lights or a new system is too expensive, dimmers are the way to go. These little devices basically let you adjust the brightness of the lights that they are connected to, so you can easily change the whole look and mood of the space with just a turn of a knob. A common question on these is if you need special light bulbs to work with them. Thankfully, they work with almost all types of bulbs. Here are the how dimmers function with fluorescent, LEDs, and incandescent bulbs. 

Fluorescent Some fluorescent bulbs don’t work directly why you plug them into dimmers. You might need to get dimmable ballast, which is a special device that you connect to the line to let you dim the bulb’s brightness. However, newer fluorescent bulbs are compatible with regular dimmers. Just be sure to ask the sales person or do a little research on the product before you make your purchase to avoid any accidents. 

LED Lights One of the newest lights in the market, LED bulbs have become more and more famous over the years because of their energy efficient features. These bulbs are even promoted by local governments in many countries and cities to cut down power consumption. LED lights work perfectly with dimmers. Some LED lighting systems even come with their own dimming features which can be controlled with an actual switch or wirelessly through an App installed in a mobile device. 

Incandescent The most basic and common bulb being used today, incandescent bulbs are able to work along with any dimmer. Since these bulbs can become burned out and damaged if the pass beyond a certain voltage, a dimmer can help lessen the power consumption of the bulb and minimize the chances of it burning out quickly. The downside is that many countries and cities are banning incandescent bulbs, so you might have a hard time looking for a replacement when your bulb does burn out.

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