Lighting for your Space

A room‘s lighting is probably one of the most important details that people seem to forget all too often. A well lit room can make a big difference in how it looks, and more importantly, how It feels.

Below are the different kinds of lighting a room needs to have. 

Main Lights The main lights are the ones that give the most amount of light in the room. These are commonly placed in the middle of the room’s ceiling to help distribute the brightness evenly, especially if it’s a small room, but most of the time a single light bulbs isn’t enough.

Most people set up three or more bulbs or would purchase them in sets to make sure they’re the same brightness and hue. What’s important is the room should be bright enough with just the main lights on. Use bright bulbs like LED bulbs

Accent and Decorative Lights These light fixtures are used to support the main lighting system and give the room more personality. Floor and table lamps are commonly used for these, and they’re also useful when you want to give the room a dim-lit look without making it too dark.

Accent and decorative lights should use the same tone as the main lights to avoid that strange, split colored look. Also, use lamps that actually match or go with the design of the main lights and the room. 

Task Lights For people who love reading or working on a desk, task lights are very important. They keep the area well lit, even when the main lights are off. These are just table lights that are light and easy to move around. Some of these lights even come with stands or necks that can be moved to any direction so they can be positioned to a certain angle. To help make them even brighter, screw on a cool LED light bulb on the lamp.

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