Demand for LEDs Grows, But Prices Continue to Fall


Global output of the LED lighting industry was approximately US$17.8 billion in 2014, representing an increase of 68 percent compared to 2013. However, what’s more interesting is how LED prices also went down. 

In the face of natural resources being gradually depleted by humans, and the average temperature of the Earth gradually increasing, governments around the world are actively engaging in the development of green energies as well as incorporating equipment that is even more energy-efficient. LED lighting is highly efficient, environmentally friendly, power saving, flicker free, and has a long usage life, making them a popular option for replacing traditional incandescent light bulbs, which has driven up the prospects for the LED lighting industry. In 2014, output of the global LED lighting industry was approximately US$17.8 billion, representing 68% growth compared to 2013, with penetration rates exceeding 20%. Read more at Digi Times.

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