outdoor tree lighting

Trees are wonderful to have in outdoor spaces. They provide us with shade, add more interest to our yards, and if they’re fruit trees, expect to have a nice basket of fruits when they’re in season.

If you’re the kind of person who loves to have company over and entertain them with outdoor parties, your trees can also turn into a wonderful accent to the landscaping design. Here are a few tips on how to decorate you trees with lights 

How many Trees? First, you need to keep in mind how may trees you have to work with. Some designs will look good with a lot of trees, but might be too overpowering with just one. work with what you have and never forget to always match the lights with the theme of your landscaping design. 

Use your Holiday Lights Don’t just store your old holiday lights in a box somewhere, use them for outdoor lighting. Newer holiday lights are usually made with LED light bulbs, which actually make them last longer. If you have a lot of these holiday lights or string lights, you can drape them on the branch of the tree to give it a magical “willow tree” look. You can also just wrap these around the trunk. Some would even use light tubes since these are sturdier compared to string lights

Color it Up You might think it’s a bad idea to mix colors when decorating a tree with lights, but if you choose two or three colors that go with the whole décor of the space, it will look wonderful. It can even complete the whole look of the space. Just don’t use too much color. 

Hanging Ornaments Hang a few decorative light fixtures on your trees. You can use battery powered LEDs if you have a hard time wiring everything up. It’s also easy to clean up and store so you can just set it up again for a special party.

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