New parents would really go as far as spending thousands of dollars on renovating and changing the room to make it perfect for the baby. They become over excited that they don’t even realize that some of the cost to decorate the room could be used for other baby necessities.

One of the easiest things to manipulate when it comes to design is the lighting. With just a small change, you can change how the room looks and feels. Here are a few ways to jazz up your baby’s room while saving money using the lights. 

Use energy efficient light bulbs You can’t go wrong with using a power friendly light bulb. Over the years, big and even small light bulb producers introduced power-friendly light bulbs to the market. These bulbs promise to use less power to create the same brightness and they delivered. There are a number of different power-friendly bulbs available in the market such as LEDs and CFLs. These lights also last longer compared to incandescent bulbs, so they’re less maintenance. 

Add A Dimmer For sleep time or rest time, you might want to dim the lights down so the baby can also feel more relaxed. Dimmers are the best tools to have when you want to control the amount of light in the room. They don’t cost much, they help lessen power consumption, plus most new bulbs work along with them perfectly. 

Battery Powered Lights Nightlights and toys with lights on their mobiles would fall under these. You’re most likely going to use these only when you need to, so instead of going through the hassle of plugging another cord in the socket or wiring another light fixture to a switch, just use heavy duty batteries that can last a pretty long time.

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