If you’ve ever wondered why it’s important to buy your LEDs from a reputable maker, here’s a perfect reason to. Crompton lamps recently issued a recall for its LED light bulbs after reports that they caused electric shock. 

Crompton Lamps has recalled one of its dimmable LED light bulbs over concerns it could cause an electric shock. The recall has been issued for the LED Dimmable GLS Opal 14Q Warm White ES-E27 due to a faulty wire in the lamp's housing. This fault could leave users at risk from an electric shock. The bulbs have been available in the UK since October 2014.

Anyone with this bulb should stop using it immediately. We've not tested this model, but we've reviewed the latest bulbs from the top brands, such as Ikea, Philips, GE, Osram and Sylvania. If you're looking for the best LED to brighten up your home without ramping up your energy bill, our light bulb reviews reveal the best bulbs to buy. 

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