Have you ever heard of a 3-way bulb? Well Cree has just released a new bulb that lets you control the brightness of the bulb in 3 different levels. “Cree continues to reshape the lighting industry and push LED lighting to the next level with a three-way LED bulb that delivers a better lighting experience than they’ve had with incandescent and LED bulbs,” said Norbert Hiller, Cree executive vice president, lighting. “The 3-Way Cree® LED Bulb is another example of Cree’s commitment to providing consumers with choice and flexibility to encourage more rapid LED adoption.” “We’re excited to provide our customers the 3-Way Cree® LED Bulb, an affordable LED alternative that delivers on the promise of a real three-way bulb with three distinct and visible levels of light,” said Mark Voykovic, light bulb merchant, The Home Depot. The whole story at Market Watch

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