Cree’s new 13.5 Watt LED Bulb Takes Market in Storm


Consumers who are looking to switch to LED lighting systems might want to check out Cree’s new 60 watt LED replacement. Cree is known for its affordable LED lights that are usually $10 dollars or less. However, their new TW Series is a bit pricier, around $15 more. But it’s worth a shot? Consumers looking for additional reasons to switch their lights over to LEDs will want to take a look at what Cree is offering with its new 13.5-watt, 60-watt replacement TW Series bulb, available exclusively at Home Depot for $19.97 (a 40-watt replacement TW Series LED is also available for $17.97). Hailing its LEDs as "the biggest thing since the light bulb," Cree already has a certified winner under its belt with the original household LED, a 9.5-watt 60-watt replacement that recently earned Energy Star qualification, knocking its already attractive $10 price tag down below $5 in certain markets that offer energy rebates. So what is it that makes the TW Series bulb worth the extra $15? Read more at CNET.


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