Creative Outdoor Lighting

When it comes to entertaining people outside, you probably pay less attention to your outdoor lighting and more on your party preparations. When it’s time to entertain, you panic because you completely forgot to make sure that the entertainment area is well lit. Below are a few tips and tricks to help you light up your party area with ought breaking the bank and make sure your guest have a wonderful time. 

Tiki torches This is ideal for those summer cook-out parties with barbeques and pot lucks. Turn your back yard into a summer paradise with a tiki torch. You can get these for cheap at any home improvement store. You just need to fill the container with fluid and the torches can light up all night long. 

Paper lanterns If you have a row of bulbs that you set up to light up the space, cover them with paper lanterns to make them look supper special. The best thing about these lanterns is that they come in all types of colors and sizes, so you can mix and match. If you don’t have an actual light bulb to place inside, you can use those battery powered LED light bulbs. They can make a nice accent piece and you can hang them anywhere. Candles For a romantic, dinner under the stars and sky theme, candles are your best bet. They’re cheap and you can get them in bulk. Buy scented candles with natural scents like lavender and rose for that special touch. 

LED bulbs LEDs can pretty much light up anything, and can be used with practically any fixture. It’s best to look at these bulbs as a long-term investment, since they can be pricier than CFLs and incandescent bulbs. Their value comes in their incredibly long lifespan, low heat output, and incredible efficiency. You can even find ones that mimic flicking candle lights so you can substitute them for tiki torches and candles if you’re afraid of accidental fires.


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