As parents, one of the hardest things to deal with would be waking up in the middle of the night to find your kids standing at the door crying. Kids are prone to night terrors and leaving them alone in their own room could cause them to run to yours and sleep there instead. Encouraging them to sleep in their own rooms teaches them independence. There are a few ways to help them get through the night peacefully. Placing a nightlight in their room will make it less dark so they won’t be too afraid when they wake up, but it’s also dim enough so as not to interfere with sleep. Below are a few ideas for creative nightlights. You can make these with your kids and turn it to an arts and crafts project. 

Battery Powered LEDS These are great to work with since they can last a very long time and they provide just enough light. You can get them in hardware stores and home improvement sections. Cluster them together to create a light tower of place them around the room to light up different areas. They’re also inexpensive so you can use as many as you like. 

Paper Lanterns You can find a number of patterns and D.I.Y instructions on how to make paper lanterns online. Use your kid’s arts and crafts materials and create one of a kind and creative lanterns. You can replace lamp over with these or you can place a battery powered bulb inside to light it up. Just make sure you use one that doesn’t heat up as much such as LED bulbs

Cut Outs Use an old or inexpensive lamp cover, cut out shapes color it with fabric paint. Once you place these on the stand and turn on the light, you’ll get shadows with different shapes all over the room. It’s a simple project and you can cut out any shape you want. Questions? Comments? Feel free to contact out customer service number at 1800 744 706 for assistance.


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