Landscaping and garden lighting is important for two reasons. One, it keeps your outdoor space illuminated so you can see what’s going on and so you can make your way around the outdoor area without tripping. The second reason is for aesthetics.

You spent so much time and money on your outdoor area that you’d want to show it off and make it look good with proper lighting. Lights can make a big difference for landscaping. It can really round up the whole design of the space and make it look complete and more interesting. 

Light Show If you have a wide open space and love to have people over for parties, you might want to check out a light show system that you can hook up to your main lighting setup at home. Some come with elaborate lights like lasers, but others can be subtle with LED light bulbs that change colors.

What’s important is that the system can be customized and set to different speeds and patters so you can also match it with the mood you want to set. 

Colored Light Bulbs One of the easiest ways to add some life to your outdoor space at night is by using colored light bulbs. Use these as accents to light up your flowerbeds or to highlight a tree as a focal point for your garden. There are a number of colored light bulbs to choose from which are safe for the outdoors. Choose ones that come in a stand that elevates the bulb from to ground so water won’t easily get to it.

Accessorize Use lights like lanterns, holiday lights with LED bulbs, even novelty lights as accessories for the space. They may not add a lot of light to your outdoor area, but the can help make it look beautiful. Be creative and try to go to thrift shops and garage sales to find one-of-a-kind pieces.

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