Creative Light Fixture

If you want to jazz up your kid’s room without spending too much money, these DIY lighting projects might just be the answer. These projects are simple to make and they’re fun to do with your kids. Get your creativity rolling and make these creative light fixtures for their room. 

Cloud Light For this, you will need a bag of pillow stuffing or polyester stuffing, a simple lampshade that’s made with thin materials, a glue gun, LED bulbs and a socket and plug, and some clearnylon sting to tie it up. For the light source, you can used one of those battery powered one that you can just push on and off.

Glue some polyester stuffing on to your lampshade and fluff it up by pulling bits and pieces the stuffing to give it body and make it look more like a cloud. Add your light bulb inside, add some nylon strings on the top and hang your cloud light over their beds or anywhere you want to. These make great night lights and can be used for almost any theme for a child’s room. 

Sharpie Bulb This is a good project to work on for a small nook like a work table. Drawing on an LED light bulb with a sharpie can make it project the design on a surface. You just need a bit of creativity and create interesting patterns and figures on the bulb. Also, use a lamp that’s a bit closed so the designs are more visible on the lampshade. 

Shadow Lampshade Create shadows by cutting out figures on a lampshade. These work well as nightlights and as a decorative piece for your kid’s room. Use a generic, plane looking lampshade that you can get for a few dollars and draw some designs on it, or better yet let your kids draw on it. Cut it with a sharp blade and your good to go.

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