Creative and Green Outdoor Lighting

Just because you want to save on your utility bill doesn’t mean that you have to sacrifice design and aesthetics. Using energy friendly bulbs has become a big thing over the years, not just because they use less power, but because they help cut back on our carbon footprints and they cost less to use.

Shifting to these power friendly lights is a great investment and they help us do our share in keeping the world green. Here are a few creative ideas on how you can use these lights for a creative outdoor lighting system

Go for colors Power friendly bulbs now come in a variety of colors. Your landscape and garden will look amazing with a few colorful bulbs highlighting it. These lights are very useful if you want to highlight something, like a tree or a sitting area, in your garden. Pick out colored light bulbs that give out a strong light like LEDs. However, don’t add too many colored bulbs around your garden because it might not match. Play around with them and see what colors work, how many light bulbs need to be placed there and the angles and placement of the bulbs. 

Breakout your Old Holiday Lights Who ever said that you can only use your sting lights during the holidays? String lights are one of the best was to add some jazz to your outdoor area. You can wrap them around trees of drape them from the branch to give an enchanted and romantic look to the place. 

Paper lanterns Recycling materials is always great to use when you’re going green. Paper lanterns are a great accent especially doing the summer months where it doesn’t rain as often. You can get these in a number for designs and shapes to fit any theme.

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