Creating A Theater Effect in your Home’s Entertainment Space with Lighting

Home’s Entertainment Space with Lighting

For those of you lucky enough to home entertainment areas at home, you probably have one because you love watching movies or TV shows in this area. To even amp up the appeal of the space, many people give these spaces a theater-like look. You can now feel like you’re at the movies when you watch your shows.

Here are a few tips on how you can create that theater feel at home. 

Add Track Lights Place a few track lights above or below the screen to light it up when the movie’s not starting yet. These give a nice effect and it helps highlight the screen. Wire the track lights in a way that it turns off when the screen rolls down or when the show starts. You can also add a dimmer to the line and place the switch near the seats so you can control the light when you need to. Track lights with LEDs work the best. 

Light Up the Back Add some lights behind the screen to really make it stand out and pop from the wall. Some people place their screens in custom-made panels and often install lights behind them. Others simply run those flexible light tubes around the screen. Choose lights that are not too bright. This way, it adds just the right amount of light in the area without making it too bright. 

Avoid Hanging Light Fixtures Your main lighting shouldn’t hang low from the ceiling. These will only get in the way of your view of the screen and they can get distracting. Go for light fixtures that stay close to the ceiling. Also, install warm-toned LED bulbs on them since these are perfect to give that laid-back and welcoming look.

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