Conventional Lights Replaced with LED Bulbs in India

LED Bulbs in India

Energy Efficiency Services Limited (EESL) and APSPDCL is working along with the local Indian government in promoting LED light bulbs. Could this mean good bye to incandescent and other conventional bulbs? High energy consuming incandescent bulbs may be a thing of past, as LED lights are set to replace them under a project undertaken jointly by the Energy Efficiency Services Limited (EESL) and the APSPDCL in Guntur district. Under the project, 20 lakh LED bulbs will be distributed across APSPDCL counters from October. Each bulb costs just Rs.10, and the consumer will have to bring his power consumption receipt and the old incandescent bulbs. “We are keen to start the project from October and ensure that 20 lakh LED bulbs are distributed over six months. Power consumption is going to drastically come down by using 7-10 watts LED bulbs. Each LED bulb has a shelf life of 50,000 hours,” said P. Anil Kumar, senior consultant, EECL, New Delhi, said on Monday. Read on at The Hindu.


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