Consumers Love Benefits of LEDs

Aside from its warmer tone and power saving abilities, LEDs have definite become a big thing in the consumer market. Buyers talk about how better it is compared to other lights. Nancy Finkelmeier tried to make the switch more than a year ago. After hearing that the long life of compact fluorescent bulbs would help her avoid changing the lights in her 15-foot ceilings so often, she got rid of her traditional incandescent bulbs in favor of the new ones. Comparing the light quality of, from left, a Sunlight compact fluorescent bulb, a Cree LED, and a GE incandescent. But there was a problem. “I don’t like that cool blue light that it emits,” said Ms. Finkelmeier, a retired nurse from Cincinnati. So she made another switch, to bulbs using a different technology called the light-emitting diode, or LED. It’s a change that regulators and manufacturers, frustrated by consumer rejection of compact fluorescents, hope that others will make as well, especially the millions who have stuck with their energy-guzzling traditional incandescent bulbs, even hoarding them as stricter efficiency standards phase out most of them. Read More on NYtimes.


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