LED Bulbs

LED lights have become a huge name in the light bulb industry in the past decade. Although these bulbs were commonly used for tiny indicator lights on electronics, nowadays you can get them in the form of a light bulb. What these bulbs do and why they’re being promoted as a better choice raised a number of questions. Below are a few, as well as answers to them. 

What makes them so great? LED lights or Light Emitting Diodes, are being used to create energy-friendly light products which help save power, protect our environment, cut back on maintenance cost, promote green awareness, and it also produces a light that has a higher quality compared to traditional light bulbs

How energy-friendly are they? LED light bulbs are able to save 85 percent of the power used by common incandescent bulbs and around 50 percent of the power consumed by fluorescent. 

Where are these being used? The LED technology is being used in a number of applications, even in developments outside the lighting industries. From the medical to the communication field, different industries are tapping into how LED lights can be used. 

Do they really save money? Just by looking at a monthly power bill, home owners can see the huge defense it makes. The department of energy in the United States has said that these bulbs are able to minimize the demand of electricity from lights by 62 percent and can help save the United States around $280 billion. 

Why are they better than common incandescent bulbs that we are used to using? What most people don’t know is that 90 percent of power from incandescent bulbs actually comes out as heat. This is practically wasted energy, not to mention it turns the bulbs into a hazard. LED bulbs only produce a very minimal amount of heat, making them safer to use.

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