Light Bulbs Hazard

As simple and mundane as light bulbs, these everyday items actually present a few real dangers, especially when installing them. Although most of them are easy to just screw in and set up, you can never be too careful, especially since you’ll be working with an object connected to electricity. 

Breakage Since most bulbs are made of glass, it’s important to be careful when screwing them into their sockets as they could break and become unusable. If you happen to notice scratches and cracks on the bulb, no matter how tiny it is, it’s best to dispose of it.

Dispose of broken bulbs very carefully to avoid any accidents. Keep your pets and kids away from the area until you’ve thoroughly cleaned it. Some bulbs, like LED light bulbs, are made from sturdier materials, like plastic. So you might want to check these out for added durability. 

Electric Shock Probably the most common accident that could happen when changing a bulb, electric shocks can lead to fatal consequences, so it pays to take a few safety precautions before screwing in a bulb. For starts, make sure the light bulb switch is off—if you want to be a real stickler for safety, shut down the main power source. Then, check the metal parts of the bulb.

Many shock incidents are due to electricity current leaking out of the product. Before buying your bulbs, make sure that they bear the necessary seals to show they’ve passed quality standards. Newer bulbs, like LED bulbs usually have a quality assurance seal on their packaging—this will depend on your country. 

Fire Older types of bulbs create a lot of residual heat when switched on—this is particularly true for incandescent bulbs. Hot bulbs and hot environment are a recipe for fires, so be sure to keep light bulbs away from light, flammable materials like fabric and paper.

Keep your curtains tied up or place your lamps a bit further away to avoid any contact. You don’t want your curtains to catch on fire.

For questions and inquiries on light bulb safety, feel free to contact the LiquidLEDs customer support hotline.


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