Disorders Cured with Light Therapy

Most people don’t notice this, but the environment that we are in actually plays a huge part in our moods and feelings. Even the brightness or dimness of a room can dramatically change our moods. With this, some mood and sleeping disorders are actually treated with some type of light therapy, which is a form of treatment that uses light exposure.

Here are some of the common disorders that are helped with light therapy. 

Insomnia This is the most common sleeping problem being faced by millions of people all over the world. People that suffer from insomnia have a very difficult time getting to sleep or actually staying asleep. This may cause mild to high levels of depression, mood swings and memory problems. Although it is mainly cause by the person’s lifestyle, insomnia can be helped with light therapy since it can alter the person’s body clock and help set it right again. 

SAD Seasonal affective disorder, also known as summer depression, summer blues, winter depression or winter blues, is a very common mood disorder that affects people who live in areas that experience four seasons where they feel normal though most of the year, but suddenly experience depressive episodes when summer or winter rolls in.

Symptoms are high anxiety, sleeping problems, and severe mood swings. Light therapy helps by exposing the person with light, commonly from a special light fixture with LED bulbs, for a certain amount of time per day. This exposure helps lift up their moods. 

Depression Many people take this very lightly, some are not even aware that they have it. However, depression can lead to a lot of physical and emotional problems when not treated. The feeling of helplessness, lost, emptiness and being always tired can take a heavy toll. Prescription drugs are the easiest way to lift depression, however these can become addictive, and there are other ways to lessen it. Before getting a set of LED light bulbs, talk to a clinician or therapist about light therapy first to learn more about it.

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