Colors and Light – How can They Affect You


Many studies have been conducted on the effects of colour on humans, more specifically on our physical and mental health. Studies show that some colours help us stay calm, while others energise us. These effects are consistent in lighting. Some colours of lighting make us feel relaxed while others make us feel active and even affect our productivity. Put these two variables together and you can create a space that can affect how people feel when they’re in it. Light bulbs, especially LED light bulbs, come in all different colours, so you can make that certain look for your space using lights. Here are some common colours of light bulbs, along with their corresponding effects. 

Red Since red has the longest wavelength amongst all the other colours, red gives off a very powerful and strong vibe. It’s attention-grabbing abilities make it perfect to use as an accent light. 

Blue This has a very soothing feel and has a more mental effect on us. Soft blues are ideal for places where you want to give a relaxing feel. Just don’t overdo it with the blue since it can give off an unfriendly, unemotional and cold look to it. 

Yellow It’s warmth can make anyone feel at home, which is why warm-toned bulbs have a yellowish tone to them. It’s the colour of optimism and confidence, something that can really liven up a room. Yellow is easy to work with and can blend in with most colours. 

Green The colour of nature and balance, it gives a nice, restful look. Too much green might end with the feeling of blandness and boredom. Combine this with a powerful colour and you’ll get a winning combination. No matter what colour the LED bulbs are, they can be a bit too harsh on the eyes. Make sure you’re using a diffuser over the light bulb to give the light a softer look. Inquiries and questions are welcome. Feel free to contact the LiquidLEDs customer support hotline.

Feel free to contact the LiquidLEDs customer support hotline on 1800 744 706.

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