College life - How to Keep your Concentration Using Light and More

Study Lights

You’re torn between chores, schoolwork and friends—college life can really drive you mad. Knowing how to manage time is a big help, especially since you’re trying to multitask all the time. Keeping your concentration is the key to finish your task so you can go out and do other things. Most college students have a difficulty in keeping their concentration, especially when it comes to studying. Below are a few tips to help stay on track. 

Stay in a well-lit area Keep your room or study area well-lit. It’s going to make a big difference if your lighting is right. It keeps you active and stops you from feeling sleepy. Try using LED light bulbs since these are great in keeping a constant amount of light in any space. They’re also eco-friendly so they help save on the power bill. 

Use task lighting Sometimes, the light in the room isn’t enough. You can use desk lamps or reading lamps to give you more light. These are very useful especially if you’re reading something with tiny texts or when you’re doing something tedious. Portable LEDs are the best for these since they last long. 

No to mobile phones Try to put your phone someplace else, far away from where you’re sitting. You’ll be tempted to use it, and you’ll end up procrastinating. If you really can’t keep your phone away, place it in silent and put it face down on the table. Remember, you need t finish your task, so don’t get distracted. 

Keep your mind on your goals Avoid thinking of anything else and just concentrate on your task. This way, it’s harder to break your concentration and little distractions won’t bother you as much. Just take things one step at a time and you’ll be done with it. For further assistance, comments and questions, contact our customer support hotline.


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