Choosing Your Bedroom Lights Made Simple

The bedroom is our personal little piece of sanctuary. It needs to be a place of piece and solace, where we can just relax and kick back, forget about our worries and stress and just get some sleep. Most people like to use their bedrooms as getaways, so they set the mood by placing comfortable furniture, relaxing colors and manage the rooms light to make the area as comfortable as they can. When choosing lights for your bedroom, there are a few things you need to remember. 

Main Lighting These are the lights that illuminate the general area of the room. Most bedrooms use an overhead light fixture, but most of the time these lights are inadequate when it comes to functionality. Keep away from these generic overhead lights and go for something that has design and art to it. Add some color, use toned LED light bulbs, and try to place the lights in different areas to maximize the brightness. Try not to overload the room with lights; a few bulbs in specific areas will work perfectly. 

Decorative Lighting These lights are used for both illumination and design. Use lights to make your room more interesting. Get creative lamp stands, colorful and interesting fixtures, even novelty items that can be used as lamps. Another way to decorate your room would be to use candles. You can even use scented candles to make your room smell amazing. If you’re afraid of using candles, there are LEDs that mimic candle light. You can usually find these in home improvement stores. 

Task Lighting Some people love to read and work in their bedrooms. Task lights are a big help especially in making the task a bit easier. You can find table lamps or portable lamps that you can adjust to give more light to whatever it is you’re doing. Some of these lights can even be clipped on to the bed’s headboard if you want to read or work on your bed. For comments and questions, feel free to contact our customer support hotline.



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