When it comes to work or study, the most useful item you can have around your desk is a table lamp. You can get these at any home improvement store, but if you really want to score a good deal, try garage sales, thrift shops and flea markets. What’s important is you get all the important components checked. Here’s a short guideline on what to look for when buying a table lamp. 

Sturdy Base Always check the lamp’s base to make sure it’s going to give it a solid foundation. You don’t want to get something that looks like it’s imbalanced and could tip over with little movement. Try to get a lamp with a wide base so it covers a lot of surface area. Some lamp bases are also very creative, so if you want to incorporate something whimsical and interesting in your room, get a novelty lamp or something with a creative base. 

Check If It Works The first thing that you’d want to check before buying a lamp is if it actually works, especially if it’s not brand new. Plug the lamp in and see the light quality. If it’s a little dim, change the bulbs with LED light bulbs and check it again. Make sure that the switch is also working, check for any damages on it like exposed wire or rust. 

Get it a New Bulb Might as well make the most of your new lamp and give it a new bulb. Theonly bulb could have been on that stand for some time now, and it could already be fading. Getting it a new bulb will save you the trip to the hardware store later. You can even place one of those new energy friendly bulbs on it to save power and maximize your new light bulb’s efficiency. For any comments or questions, contact our customer support hotline.


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