Is your room beginning to bore you? Did you know there are ways for you to brighten your interior spaces with a few very simple lighting tricks? And the best part? You can do without burning a hole through your pocket.

Major renovations aren’t needed to brighten up a room, as you can get away with just making small adjustments that make a huge difference to your living space’s look. If you’re bored with your rooms, it’s time to brighten them.

Here are some tips on how to do just that. 

Bring Sparkle The cheapest way to brighten up a home is to add reflective surfaces. Your tables, for instance, can look better if you place a mirrored dish or a glass candy dish on top of them. These reflective surfaces add a little dazzle to any space they’re placed in, especially when they’re hit by both sunlight and artificial light. Perhaps the best part is that these objects are often cheap—in fact, you probably already have them stashed somewhere in your house. 

Go Green with Plants Houseplants incorporate a natural touch to the interior of your home, and have the effect of adding both colour and texture. Don’t worry, they’re fairly easy to maintain, and there are plenty of plants that thrive, even with minimal exposure to sunlight.

Paired with an accent light, plants in indoor living spaces can look very good, especially at night. They add drama, and naturally draw attention from people. For more tips and tricks to brighten your room, check out this article on How Stuff Works.

You can also contact the LiquidLEDs team for ideas.


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