If you’ve never changed your bedroom’s look before, it’s high time you did. Changing things up in the bedroom yields several benefits, among them, reducing stress. The bedroom should be a place of a sanctuary of peace, and being sick of how it looks and feels completely defeats its purpose. Fortunately, there are ways to breathe life into the space you call your bedroom. 

Clean things up If you haven’t shuffled through your room in a while, or worse, you’ve never attempted to rearrange furniture or whatnot, then you’re probably keeping more stuff than you should. Free up clutter by cleaning your room and organizing everything into their respectful storage spaces. Clothes should be kept in drawers or closets, shoes in shoe racks, and dirty laundry in the hamper. Go through whatever knickknacks you have in your room and sell or donate those you don’t need. 

Change the lighting Most people have the wrong kind of lighting in their bedrooms, opting to go for harsh general lighting that lights up the entire room, albeit with some unpleasant glare. Replace your existing light bulbs with warm LED light bulbs to reduce the harshness. The yellowish hue of warm light bulbs helps you relax, calm down, and even sleep better. You can go a step further by installing dimming controllers, which allow you to really fine tune just how much or how little light you need. 

Go for bright colors Dark, gloomy colors may seem relaxing, but they’re ultimately a big no for bedrooms. Instead, go for light, pastel colors that are relaxing to the eyes. If you can, paint your room a different color or you can just use light colored sheets or curtains to tone down the room’s color. For more simple but great bedroom ideas, check out this post at Thrifty Fun. You can also contact the LiquidLEDs support team for tips on which of our LEDs are best for bedroom use.

You can also contact the LiquidLEDs support team on 1800 744 706 for tips on which of our LEDs are best for bedroom use.

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