Change your Mood with Lights

 Our home lighting system is one of the most important, yet under rated, feature that the house has. It does more than just keeping everything bright and visible when the sun goes down. What people often forget is that light has an effect on our moods. It can even affect our body temperatures. Making the most of how your light system affects you can help make you feel better at home. Playing around with different light bulbs such as CFLs and LEDs will give you different results. 

Intensity and Temperature Brightness can easily affect how alert or sleepy we feel. Our bodies naturally react to brightness because of the sun. if it’s bright, we become more alert because we associate it with the day time. you can set different brightness levels in different areas of your home. for example, your bedroom can have a dimmer light since you’ll want to feel relaxed inside. The kitchen should have a brighter light because you will be doing some work when cooking and you don’t want to end up hurting yourself. 

“Natural” Light Going back to sunlight, natural light works along with our body clocks and would set them with the sunrise and the sunset. Natural lighting can make us feel more awake and even place us in a more positive mood. Since we can’t enjoy the sunlight all day, some light bulbs manufacturers have created “natural” light bulbs which mimic sunlight. The closest replication of the light quality comes from certain brands of LED bulbs. So if you want to make it feel and look like it’s always day time in your home, consider getting a few of these natural bulbs. 

Color Color and light go hand in hand when it comes to affecting our emotions and mood. Different colors can spark different emotions and mood in us. For example red and orange can make us feel excited, while green and blue gives a more calming effect. Colored light bulbs can give a wonderful accent and a dash of color to any space. Colored bulbs come in a number of colors, shades, and tones, so choose one that fits your space’s needs.

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