A chandelier has always been a symbol of elegance and wealth. During the olden times, homes that had chandeliers made out of metal or wood would mean that they were rich enough to afford wax for candles. These days, you can find chandeliers anywhere and not just in elaborate mansions. They come in different shapes, sizes and materials. Anyone can have this elegant light fixture no matter what type of home they have. The first thing to think about when getting a chandelier is the size. To help you get the right fit, here are a few things that you should ask yourself when picking one out. 

How high your ceiling is Keep in mind that the taller the chandelier, the higher your ceiling needs to be. If you have really high ceilings, then you’re going to need a bigger chandelier. If the price scares you, you can pull off two chandeliers in one room, but you need to position them carefully. You can also get a smaller chandelier and pair it with a few mini sides ones. 

What’s directly below the chandelier? Is it just the floor or is there a table or sofa or bed under it? Consider the shape and size of the furniture in the room. You need to remember that the chandelier’s shape and design needs to complement these as well. It shouldn’t overpower the rest of the details in the room. 

The room’s size Chandelier’s that don’t match the room’s size shouldn’t even be considered. You’ll be spending too much on a beautiful light fixture that you can’t even use. Before you buy one, get the measurements of the room to help you pick out a chandelier that fits perfectly. For bigger rooms, it also helps with the amount of light to pick LED light bulbs since they’re brighter. 

The design Choose one that fits the room’s design. You can find a number of classic and contemporary chandeliers. You should also think about the type of bulb to use whether it’s a regular incandescent bulb or LED bulbs. For inquiries and questions, contact our customer support hotline.


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