3m led lights

3M, a developer of heat and light management systems and solutions, unveiled a new crop of LED A19 lamps. The company’s LED Advanced Light gives out an incandescent bulb like glow but only consumes 20% of the energy most incandescent bulbs would use. This means that consumers can save around $140 on their electricity bill over the bulb’s lifetime. The 3M LED Advanced Light emit incandescent-bulb-like glow by consuming up to 80% less energy. The 3M LED lights can save consumers up to $140 of electricity bill over a single bulb's lifetime. The LED lamps contain no mercury and offers instant-on illumination, unlike the compact fluorescent light (CFL) bulbs. 3M, together with its subsidiaries, operates as a diversified technology company with manufacturing operations spread over 70 countries. The company aims to deliver innovative security solutions to businesses and governments worldwide, thus maintaining the security of people and documents. More from Zacks.com

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