Business Tips - Why Get Bulbs with Higher CRI Ratings?

light bulbs with Higher CRI

Whether you’re buying a bulb for the workspace or the shop, it’s generally a good idea to check the CRI level of a light bulb before you get them. The CRI or Color Rendering Index is the measure of how accurate the colors of objects illuminated by light are to the human eye. The higher the CRI, the more vivid the colors of illuminated objects are. So why make it a big deal? Here are a few benefits of bulbs with higher CRI scales bring to the table. 

Savings Recently, energy friendly bulbs with high CRI ratings have become more available to consumers at friendlier price points. Choosing these types of bulbs gives business owners the opportunity to save money on utilities. Most of these bulbs would only use a fraction of the power incandescent bulbs would need. 

Higher CRI Bulbs Make Displays Look More Attractive How your products are seen can make a big difference to the purchase decisions of your customers. Good colour rendition can mean the difference between premises that look lively, or one that looks dull. Investing in bulbs with higher CRI can give your shop an atmosphere that’s more “alive” and enhances the appearance of products put on display. 

Increased Productivity A well-lit area not only makes it easier for people to work, it can also boost productivity. Spaces with better lighting lead to people to feeling less sleepy or tired, thus becoming more productive. Good lighting is also a big help especially for work areas that require attention to detail, like assembly lines or quality control areas in a factory. Not all bulbs give out the same quality of light, even if they have the same levels in the CRI. LEDs give off a more “clear” and sharp light compared to CFLs, so consider these before you get new bulbs. For questions and inquiries, feel free to contact our customer support hotline.


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