Lighting your Coffee Shop

These days, you can find a coffee shop almost everywhere. In big cities, they’re found in every corner, but in small, cozy towns, a local café is usually found somewhere downtown. But no matter where you’re planning to start your coffee shop dream, it’s important that you make your place look and feel as inviting as possible. One of the best ways to do this is through your lights. Here are a few tips. 

Sign Boards Help Place a few glowing sign boards outside your coffee shop so people will know you’re there. There are pre-made glowing sign boards available in most light stores, but if you can’t find one, you can make your own by using a thin sheet of plastic that you can write on with a market and place it over LED light bulbs

Reading Lights A lot of people actually go to coffee shops to do some light reading, relax or finish up some simple work on their computer. Try to use reading lights, or soft lights, for your main lighting. This also makes the space feel really comfortable and cozy. Some coffee shops even place cubicles with small lamps that their customers can use. 

No to Mixed Tones Never use two different tones in the same open area. Cool tones are grate for the kitchen or the area near the counter where you display pastries. However, it’s best to go with warm colors for the sitting and dining area. Mixing different tones together might become irritating on the eyes. 

Color It Up To give your space some character, add some color with colored light bulbs. You can get light bulbs in any color these days. Newer ones like LED bulbs also come in different colors so you won’t have a difficulty choosing colored bulbs that are power friendly.

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