Any business owner knows that a shop’s ambiance can affect their customer’s mood and even their opinion about the place. Businesses that cater to a more family friendly audience like coffee shops and restaurants might want to set their shops to have a very “homey” feel, something that’s relaxed and laid back. It helps your customers enjoy the time they spend in your establishment and remember your place as a “home away from home”. Here are a few tips to help achieve that homey look with your lighting.

Warm Tones All the Way For the main lighting system of your business, stick with bulbs that are more on the warm toned side. These bulbs give out a nice, yellowish light which gives the surrounding a warm look to it. Warm toned lights are also more relaxing to the eyes so the space will feel welcoming. You can use cool toned bulbs, especially if you want to highlight a certain area like your cashier or the counter. You can get warm toned bulbs, even LED light bulbs

Use Lighting Fixtures that Remind you of Home Table lamps, mini-chandeliers, even novelty lamps can be used to give your business that homey feel. Novelty lamps are one of the best ways to light up the space. They’re also fun little accessories that help give the room a bit more character. Try to search for these at garage sales and flea markets, you really don’t have to spend a lot on these items. They’re just for fun. 

Open your Windows This can make a big change. If you don’t really have any windows, use glass and try not to place items that could block it. It not only helps let the natural light it, it helps make the area feel more open. At night, you can use LEDs to decorate the glass and to welcome your customers with some color and light. Questions? Comments? Feel free to contact our customer support hotline.


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