When it comes to energy efficient bulbs, LED lights are the best kinds to use. Compared to other bulbs, LED lights don’t contain poisonous chemicals like mercury, they last longer and they don’t loose their brightness over time.

Many home owners have shifted to these lights because of the savings they get on their power bill. And since a big chunk of your monthly electricity bill is used by your lighting system, you can expect to save a lot on LED lights. But how much can you save on them?

Here are a few tips on how you can estimate your savings. 

The More you Replace, The More you Save One LED is not going to make a big difference on power saving. If you replace all your lights with these power efficient bulbs, then you can see a difference. They are noticeably more expensive compared to regular bulbs in the market, but think of them as a good investment. Eventually you’ll get your money back through savings. 

Average your Cost How much do you usually pay for your power bill every month? Since LED lights only use around 10 percent of what incandescent bulbs use to create the same brightness, there is going to be a drastic change on your power bill.

Take time to do some math and collect your old power bills form a few months back. Average this and subtract this to the most recent bill you have. It’s best to let a couple of months pass by after installing your LED bulbs to get a better estimate. 

Maintenance is Still Cost Don’t forget to keep maintenance in mind. These lights might last long, but they don’t last forever. Although it’s going to be a long time before you might actually replace these bulbs, you still need to consider factors like accidents where you might need to change them earlier.

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