Light, whether artificial or natural in source, has the uncanny ability to energise your home, breathing life into otherwise boring and dark spaces. If you think your home’s atmosphere could use some enhancement, a little more light just might be what the doctor ordered. 

Use Sunlight to your Advantage As far as lighting quality is concerned, nothing beats pure, natural sunlight. So go ahead and use it to your advantage whenever you can. For instance, if you want to limit the amount of sunlight streaming into your home, don’t go for dark and heavy drapes, which block too much light.

Instead, go for window treatments, which filter light but still let in a generous amount of it. 

Turn White White reflects light and helps give a living space a fresher, brighter glow. And even if white isn’t the main colour of the room, you can still incorporate it into dark spaces.

For instance, you can paint certain pieces in the home white, like bookcases, shelves, door frames, lamps, and event picture frames. And if you want to go for that extra special look, switch your dishes and ceramic pieces to the colour white. 

Brighter Accent Pieces Many accent pieces in your home may not generate their own light, but they’re just as capable of making a room look dark or bright. To increase the lightness of your living spaces, jazz up your accent pieces like rugs, pillows, and picture frames by picking brighter colours. These items, when coming in vibrant colours, have the ability to make a room bright and happy.

For DIY-ers, you can fill up jars with coloured water, or wrap the jars in coloured plastic, afterwards placing them beside windows to create colourful reflections. You can go to Green Living Spaces for more tips on using sunlight and other green ideas. For your artificial needs, you definitely can’t go wrong with energy efficient LED light bulbs. Get in touch with the LiquidLEDs lighting team for ideas.


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