Big Outdoor Space Lighting

Illuminating fields, building facades and huge infrastructures like monuments and statues can be a big and expensive challenge. Regular bulbs just won’t cut it for the job, not to mention they cost a whole lot to maintain and operate.

Usually, building caretakers and managers would set up high powered light systems to brighten up their space. But these can still be a bit too expensive for most, especially if you’re just a small business owner.

Below are a few ways to help you brighten up big outdoor areas while saving money. 

Green Bulbs All the Way This is probably going to cost a bit, but it’s an investment worth every penny. Shifting to energy efficient bulbs will not only help you cut down on maintenance, it also helps save on operational cost.

These power friendly bulbs often only use a fraction of what halogen and incandescent light bulbs use to create the same brightness. There are a number of brands that also make outdoor friendly lights, which makes them a perfect choice. 

Go for high powered bulbs The brighter they are, the fewer bulbs you’ll need to place around the area. Florescent and incandescent bulbs give off a weak light for big outdoor spaces, so try something that’s more powerful like LEDs or even power friendly halogens.

They have light qualities that are fit for outdoors and they’re known to give out a nice, cool tone light with makes any space look brighter. 

Maintenance and Monitoring is Key To prevent any giant repairs that can cost a lot, keep a good eye on your bulbs and maintain them well. Monitor all the lights and check if they’re working without any problems. If lapses such as wires or issues with the system are seen, have these fixed or replaced right away before they become worse.

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