Library Lights

Many of us dream of having our own library. A collection of books that we’ve kept over the years is definitely more impressive than a tablet with thousands of eBooks. Some people also put up a small library as a decorative statement for their homes, while others use it as an escape from daily stress and somewhere they can relax and let their imagination run wild. Lighting is very important in a library, after all, how would you see what you’re reading without light? Here are a few tips to help keep your eyes comfortable when reading and make your little library space look beautiful. 

General Lighting General lighting refers to the light that illuminates most, if not all of the area, in this case, the entire library. During the day, nothing beats natural light so you might want to open a window and tie up the curtains. If you prefer to read at night, stick with warm toned LEDs installed in the ceiling. These light bulbs give out a nice “yellow” light which is more relaxing and less harsh to the eyes. 

Decorative Lighting Place a few decorative lights here and there to give your library a little attitude. A simple way to do this is to place some lights on the bookshelves to highlight them. Some would even place lights at the back to make the shelves pop. A few accessories like mini-lamps would also add some jazz to the space. 

Task Lighting These lights help you read a bit more comfortably. Task lighting includes table lamps or standing lamps placed near reading areas. Others like these lights since they can just turn off the main lighting and read in a dim room, more relaxed atmosphere. A main feature of these lights is that they’re easy to move around and position. You can find task lighting with LED light bulbs at any home improvement or furniture shop. For further assistance, comments and questions, contact our customer support hotline.


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