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Technology has made it easier for us to save power. We can use a self-sustaining power source that is cleaner and safer for the environment, preserving what’s left of our natural resources and assuring a better future for the younger generation. Home owners and the everyday consumers play a vital role when it comes to saving power.

Making the right choices can make a big difference if we all pitch in. Below are a few home utility investments that can help you save power and even cut cost. 

Shifting to Power friendly bulbs Say goodbye to your old 100 watt incandescent bulb. You can save much more if you switch to energy friendly bulbs like LED lights. Compared to the common incandescent, these bulbs only need about 10 percent of the power a regular incandescent need to give out the same light.

Don’t be confused when you go purchase these lights. A more accurate measurement to know how bright they are is by looking at the lumens. Most brands have conversion charts that can tell you which power friendly light can replace an incandescent in brightness. Choose from a number of bulbs like LEDs or CFLs. 

Have Solar Panels Installed The sun is one of the best and cleanest energy sources. Solar energy is free, minus the cost of having a solar panel system set up, and it’s sustainable. They do cost a lot, but solar panels can last you a lifetime, even longer. You also won’t have to deal with a monthly electricity bill since you can go 100 percent self-supporting on your power. 

Plant Trees You might not realize how having trees around your property helps with saving power, but it does have a few benefits. The shade helps keeps your home cool so you won’t have to crank up the AC. Trees are a great all around eco-friendly contribution that you can give, so plant them and don’t cut them.

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