The development of “smart” lighting where people can control their lights using an app that they can download online has gotten more modern home owners wonder which is the best. Here’s a comparison between Belkin and Philips on their “smart” lighting systems. The simple light bulb is looking like the cornerstone of the smart home, with the ability to turn your lights on from across the room or around the world. At the recent Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Belkin unveiled its new WeMo LED light bulbs as part of its home automation range, while Philips touted its latest BR30 downlight bulb. These smart light bulbs are designed to work with a normal light socket, although the Philips Hue is only available with a screw fitting (you can buy bayonet adaptors). The Belkin bulbs will be available with either bayonet or screw fittings.Continue reading at SMH.


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