Landscape Lighting

Home do-it-yourself projects for outdoor and landscape lighting is not as easy as it sounds. You have to get the set up correctly, purchase the right bulbs, and make sure they match the existing features of the landscape. However, if you follow these few simple steps in installing them correctly, the rest is going to be a breeze. Below are a few simple steps in installing landscape lighting. 

Assembly and installation Assemble the light fixture as instructed on its box. Try to get landscaping lights that use LED light bulbs since these tend to last longer and they give a strong light output. Place the fixtures on the ground, mapping out the design that you want. Hide the lights under shrubbery, trees or outdoor furniture so they don’t get in the way. Also, keeping them hidden showcases the light and the plants and items around it, not the fixture. 

Turn it on Turn the fixtures on to see how they cast the lights. Most do-it-yourself outdoor lighting systems are pretty easy to work with. You just need to connect them to a main power outlet and plug them in there. Once they light up, check the arrangement and see if you like how the light is casted. Remember, don’t move the light fixtures while they’re on. Always turn the off before you move them to avoid getting electrocuted. If you have a hard time remembering, take a photo of the area and then adjust the light to how you want it. 

Fine tuning Check how the lights contrast and work with each other. Of you purchased different colored LED bulbs, check how the colors blend to see if they match. Move things around to see how it looks and be creative. Finally, add a timer to your lights so they can just turn on and off without you having to worry about them. For further assistance, comments and questions, contact our customer support hotline.


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