Fluorescent Tubes vs LED

There are tons of bulbs to choose from in the market, but some of them are simply better than others. LEDs have made their way up to the top shelf over the years, reaching the same heights as common bulbs like florescent lamps. Choosing LEDs over florescent tubes has its benefits. Below are a few. 

Long-Term Costs True, LED lights are expensive compared to other bulbs in the market, but they do consume the less amount of power, which means huge potential in savings over a long period of time. LED lights usually consume 10 to 15 percent of what common bulbs need to create the same brightness. 

Light Maintenance A regular LED can last you a good 60,000 hours of light. Constantly replacing bulbs is expensive and tiring, so LED lights can help lessen maintenance issues. 

Noise Fluorescent tubes have been known to produce a strange hissing, popping and even clicking noise when being used. It’s a very low buzz but it can get annoying and distracting. LED lights don’t have this issue and can light up without making a sound. 

Color A harsh, cold bluish light quality is a known issue in fluorescent lighting. Although some fluorescent bulbs makers have developed have created a bulb with a warmer tone, it still gives out a harsh effect. LED lights come in both warm and cool tones as well as different colors for any light situation or environment. 

Environmental Impact Fluorescent lights contain a very small amount of mercury, making it hazardous to humans, along with the environment. This makes them tedious to dispose of. LED lights don’t contain any toxic chemicals so you’re safe even when one breaks. 

Instant On A great feature for these energy efficient bulbs, electrical currents automatically light up an LED bulb and it won’t need to pass through a warm-up cycle. For comments and questions, feel free to contact our customer support hotline.


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