Having a swimming pool in the backyard is loads of fun, especially during the summer when it’s hot out and cookouts and barbecue parties are in. However, the downside of pools is that there are a number of safety precautions you need to have to ensure your guests, especially kids, don’t get into trouble. At night, the best way to amp up the safety is to add lights to your pool. Below are a few lighting tips to help you give light to your pool side and keep everyone safe. 

Lights in the water adding underwater lights not only helps your guests see how deep the water is, it can also serve an aesthetic purpose. There are a number of light bulb producers that make submergible LED light bulbs that work well for pools and even ponds. Adding these lights to the pool will help indicate the water’s depth, so your guest won’t get shocked when they jump into the water. You can also use colored bulbs to give the water a beautiful glow. 

Lights around the pool Illuminate along the walkway of your pool so everyone can clearly see the space. Often times, people slip or fall in this area because they don’t notice the wet surface. Placing lights around the pool’s perimeter will brighten up the area and minimize any accidents. if you’re not into the traditional walkway lights that come in casings that are elevated with a spike, some modern designs allow you to buying the casing while a glass top lets the light out. LED bulbs work perfectly for these since they give out a brighter light and are more durable compared to glass bulbs. 

Additional Features Keeping your pool safe doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice being creative. There are a number of outdoor lighting systems that can make your pool and outdoor entertainment space look more interesting. Some systems work together with music and change colors in different patterns.

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