A Review on the Sengled System: LED Light Bulbs Combined with Audio Speakers


The Sengled Pulse LED light system is a cool-looking gizmo that combines an audio speaker and pulsating LED lights. Find out if they’re worth the buy. 

Sengled’s Pulse LED light system is definitely a product I never thought would be a thing. The Pulse series is a system of LED lights with built-in speakers. Yes, you read that correctly. It’s something I never thought would need to exist. That being said, because it was so unique I figured it would be worth checking out and to my surprise, it’s actually pretty cool… 

The Pulse system comes as a starter kit which includes a master bulb and a satellite bulb. This alone will allow you to have a stereo speaker system, but you can connect up to seven satellite bulbs (purchased separately) to one master bulb. The bulbs will fit most anywhere with a standard light socket, but they are a little wide so smaller lamps may not work well. Also, each bulb is rated to last up to 25,000 hours and produce a warm-toned brightness of 600 lumen. 

The full story on 9to5Mac.


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