A Look at the Types of Lights Used in a Home

Lighting seems to be a big issue with homeowners, with many making the mistake of installing too much light or having too few fixtures at home. Worse, some homeowners mistakenly believe the most expensive lighting systems are the best, only to later find out they don’t generate enough light for their needs. When it comes to lighting indoor spaces, consider the three main lighting types. 

Main Lighting The main lighting is where most of the light in the room comes from. Most of the time, homeowners think that a single light bulb is enough to illuminate an indoor space. But, you also have to consider things like the size of the room, its shape and even what type of bulb you’ll be using. Another concern is how many watts of electricity a space will need to have optimal lighting. Back then, the higher the watt, the brighter the bulb, but new energy friendly bulbs are now available in the market that use fewer watts to produce the same, if not a greater amount of light. These things could confuse home owners when purchasing a main lighting system, so it’s best to know all the information about the room before buying one. 

Accent Lighting Accent lights help enhance e room’s overall brightness; table and floor lamps are good examples. Accent lighting pieces not only help with brightness, but with the room’s design. These pieces are meant to be functional and decorative. They also help create a different mood for the room. Once the main lighting is turned off, the accent lights should be enough to create a comfortable, dim-lit atmosphere. Warm toned LEDs are the best bulbs for these lights. 

Task Lighting For areas like offices, libraries and even bedrooms, task lighting pieces are important. These lights can be moved around and positioned to help you with a certain task. A simple table or desk lamp is perfect for this piece. For further assistance, comments and questions, contact our customer support hotline.


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