If you want a living space to look and feel good, you can’t just place a light bulb or two on the ceiling and be done with it. You have to take your time and give thought to what kind of light fixtures to use, as well as the kind of lighting effect you want to create. Hanging lights or overhead lights are some of the most popular light fixtures out there. Many of them are just lamps that can be hanged on the ceiling, but there are several other styles with more decorative and elaborate features. Just what makes hanging lights better than ordinary lamps and other ceiling fixtures? 

They serve a decorative purpose Ceiling lights can be boring, not to mention they don’t do anything to flatter a room’s existing design. On the other hand, hanging lights come in a wide variety of designs, shedding light on a room while also giving it personality. Whatever theme or style your room has, there are hundreds of different hanging light fixtures to choose from that should go along with it. Size, shape, and material are all up to you. 

Hanging lamps soften downward light Light bulbs without lamps to diffuse the light create a harsh and unpleasant glare. Even when using LED light bulbs, it’s always a good idea to have a lamp or shade to diffuse the light, making it look softer and less irritating to the eyes. The lamps can even shine light directly on a specific area, working as a task light. 

The creative options are limitless Your imagination is the limit when decorating hanging lights and using them to light your home. You can go for contemporary looking lamps, or go for unique lamps for a bolder look. Light the room up with different hues and colors to make it look different and interesting. Find more tips on hanging lights with this guide. You can also contact the LiquidLEDs team for suggestions on which LEDs to use for hanging fixtures.

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