buying led lights online

Since the invention of the light bulb and all other forms of artificial lighting that have followed, light bulbs have grown to become a staple in any home. Besides shedding light on our daily activities, light bulbs can also add style and class to your home’s living spaces. The way we shop for light bulbs, however, has changed. Local hardware stores are still there, but consumers are increasingly seeking online channels to do their shopping for lighting systems. is one such site specialising in distributing lighting fixtures online. When buying LED light bulbs or any other kind of bulb online, it helps to remember the following.

  • Go through several dealers and suppliers and narrow down your choices to 3 to 5 sites
  • Go over each light bulb’s product description, taking note of details like size, colour, shape etc.
  • Compare light bulb prices between sites
  • Go through the return and warranty policy of the site
  • Buy only from a reputable site with reviews and an online presence

When choosing light bulbs, take note of these factors: 

Size The challenge with buying your light bulbs online is that you can’t personally see what the light bulb looks like, especially how large or small it is. The key is looking at the bulb’s spec sheet for its sizing specifications, and using a tape measure to compare it with your base or fixture. If your bulb is going to be used in a lamp shade, check if it’s large enough to accommodate your choice. 

Shape Pictures of light bulbs pretty much tell you all you need to know about appearance and shape of a product. Most sites make it a point to upload high-resolution images, and offering an option to zoom-in on the photos to get a closer look at the light bulb. Some sites will even go the extra mile of having a 360-degree viewing option of a light bulb—giving you the next best thing to the in-store experience. Choosing a specific light bulb’s shape ultimately boils down to preference. A good rule of thumb is to choose a light bulb that blends into your room’s decor, theme, style etc. Fortunately, most sites have taken it upon themselves to categorize their light bulbs, making it easier for you to choose one according to your needs. 

Colour Evaluating a site’s selection of light bulb colours can be challenging when shopping online. The key is to go through the description slowly, looking for words and phrases describing the colour of the bulb (these can go by terms like gold, linen shade, etc.). It also helps to understand colour temperature and colour rendering index (CRI). A light bulb’s colour temperature refers to how warm (yellowish or red) or how cool (bluish white) it looks. Why the need to know, you might ask? Different lighting applications require different kinds of light. For instance, warm light works best in bedrooms because of its relaxing feel, while cool light helps you stay alert, thus making it a good choice for office spaces and study areas. Colour rendering index is the measure of how accurate the light of a light bulb displays colours. The higher the CRI, the more accurate the light bulb. A good tip is to call the vendor and ask for pictures of the light bulb in use. For tips and questions on the perfect LED light bulbs to buy here at LiquidLEDs, contact the LiquidLEDs support team now!

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