8 Reasons Why LEDs are Ideal Outdoor Lighting

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Most of us are using energy saving LED bulbs in our homes since they are less expensive to maintain and they give a better light payoff. These LED bulbs have definitely taken a special place inside our homes, but have you ever considered using them for outdoor lighting?

Here are 8 reasons why LEDs make the perfect outdoor lighting.

Brighter Light

When it comes to light quality, LEDs rank at the top of the list. The bright, crisp light that these bulbs give off can illuminate a good amount of space without having to cram multiple bulbs in a specific area. Cool white LEDs are the best choice for outdoor lighting. They give off a clean, bluish-white light that gives the space a brighter look.

Less Excess Heat

Since LEDs don’t require a filament to light up, they don’t produce high amounts of excess heat, which is great especially if you’re very concerned about home safety. Bulbs that heat up too much can turn into a fire hazard. And since you’ll be placing these outside and won’t have as much monitoring as indoor lights, these could put you, your family, and your property in danger.

More Durable

LED lights, especially the ones that don't come in glass covers, are much more durable to use for outdoor lighting compared to classic halogen or incandescent bulbs. if you want to add more protection to your outdoor lights, most hardware stores carry some kind of light casing for outdoor lighting which can help keep your bulbs from getting wet or overexposed to the elements.

Full light in an instant

One of the huge advantage the LEDs have over other energy saving bulbs, such as CFLs, is that LEDs give off their full brightness instantly when you turn them on. This means that you won’t need to wait for the light to turn on, which can be crucial for outdoor lighting. Frequent cycling can also reduce the life of CFL bulbs, which is why they don’t usually as long as they are expected to.

Bugs aren’t A Fan

Don’t you just hate getting bug bites every time you go outside at night? Switching to LEDs might just help minimise this. Another feature that LEDs have this that they don’t attract bugs. Bugs are attracted to ultraviolet light and most LEDs don't give off this type of light. In fact, there are studies on using LED light to minimise illnesses caused by bugs like Malaria. Those summer night parties are going to be more enjoyable without bugs flying around and biting you and your guest.

Colours are Awesome

Have you always wanted to add colour to your landscaping? Or maybe just a pop of something in your front lawn to make your house stand out from the neighbourhood? Add some colour to your outdoor are with LED light bulbs. The best part about using coloured LEDs is that they can easily change colours, from pink to blue, to yellow, and white, whatever colour you fancy. No need to buy a different coloured bulb if you want a different look.

Time and Schedules

With new Smart LED bulbs, you can set the time on when they’ll turn off and on. No more coming home to a dark, dreary looking house. Just set the timer to whatever time the sun goes down and the lights will turn themselves on during the set time. If you’re the type of person who easily forgets about turning the thing off, the timer can a simple solution to turn the lights off for you too.

More Choices

LEDs come in all types of shapes and sizes. some are even made specifically for outdoor lighting. you get a wide variety of choices, from simple, regular cool toned bulbs, to warn, Edison-like bulbs that are not only functional but good looking as well.  choose from huge flood lights that'll light up your whole back yard too little guide lights that you can place along the walkway or by the steps to your porch. the possibilities are endless.

Although LEDs are a bit more pricey compared to other bulbs in the market, their features make them the worthy investment. They last longer, use less power, produce a better light, and have features that other light bulbs just don't offer.  

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