6 Reasons why LEDs are the Best Home Purchase you Can Make this Year – Part II

In Part II of this article series, we continue the list of the 6 best reasons to make the switch to LED lighting NOW. In Part I, we tackled long lifespan, colour variety, and zero UV/IR light. Let’s press on with the rest of the list. 

4. Low Heat LED light bulbs produce very little heat, even when they’ve been in use for several hours. While they do produce some level of heat like any other electronic device, they’re still cool to the touch when switched on—you can’t do that with other light bulbs. And because of their low temperatures, LEDs are less susceptible to break and burn outs. 

5. Dimmer Compatibility LED light bulbs, such as those found here at LiquidLEDs, are compatible with most third-party dimmers. These dimmer switches essentially allow you to control the level of lighting generated by the LED bulb, which not only lets you fine tune your lighting for aesthetic purposes, but also gives you direct control over the amount of electricity consumed by your lighting. 

6. No Harmful Side Effects Compact fluorescent lamps and fluorescent tubes have a tendency to flicker. At first, the flickering is so fast the human eye can hardly detect it, but with wear and tear of the lighting device, the flickering becomes more obvious. This has been known to cause seizures in people suffering from photo reactive illnesses. LEDs, which generate a constant beam of light, don’t suffer from these issues. In addition, LEDs do not contain any mercury, a crucial component in fluorescent lamps and tubes. Mercury, in large doses, is extremely harmful to both human health and the environment.

For more reasons to switch to LED lighting, contact the LiquidLEDs customer support team!


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